Is a Mexico City, based Inspection Company with 25 Years of Experience and which carries out surveys for Container Shipping Lines, P & I Clubs, Insurance Companies, and International Banks.

The surveys that we offer, include: Investigations into Damaged Cargoes, Damages to Containers, Damages to Vessels and Pre-loading and Pre-discharged surveys, on all types of cargoes.

For Insurance Companies, we carry out Investigation into:

* Accidents to containers and trailers with their cargoes.

* Robberies to cargoes in containers, on trailers and in warehouses and plants.

* Fire, Flood and Hurricane Damage, to all types of goods and buildings.

* We carry out an evaluation on the physical condition on properties in Mexico, prior to being insured, to reduce the risks involved.

For International Banks, we carry out the following:

* Physical Surveys / Inventories on goods and services under a Collateral Management or Loan Agreements.

* InvestIgation into the accounts payable of their clients in Mexico.

We will make a report in English and/or Spanish, and our reports include, all our observations during the inspection, monitoring and research. All this includes photographic evidence and full documentation. All information referred in our reports is highly confidential, for each of our clients.

Oceanserve it is a company  based on the highest principles of quality, honesty and loyalty. 

Our aim is to provide the best service to our clients in the various types of services that we carry out.




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