Financial Institutions

Oceanserve S.A. de C.V. Represents Financial Institutions during the Inspection and Audits on the following type of work:

Physical Inventories. We carry out Physical Inventories to make sure that the Financial Institution´s Clients carry out their own internal stock taking and account for the Quantity indicated on the Credit Certificates.

During these inventories we also verify that the clients comply with the policies that had been set out in the contract between the Financial Institution and the their clients.

We also verify the conditions of the warehouse, security and cleanliness and that they comply with the policies of Quality that correspond to the products in question.

Types of productn in the Inventory:

Agricultural sector and livestock sector: bovine, porcine, etc.

Perishable products, meat products such as: beef, chicken, pork and sea food.

Agricultural, agricultural sector, grains such as: Sugar, corn, wheat, sorghum, coffee, cocoa, etc.

An Investigation in to collections from clients.

We carry out an investigation into the collections of the Company verifying that the Company has complete control over its Sales Credit Deparment and has a good control over its collections.

During the Investigation we determine that the Company complying with the policies established in the contract between the Financial Institution and their clients and based on the same principal, to determine if their clients accounts are accurate and for the Financial Institution to accept the results of the Investigation as a Guarantee.

Inspection of the client. To carry out an investigation on all the Company to verify the Capacity of Production, Warehousing, Sales and for future Growth.

During the Investigation, we verify all the procedures of the Company and determine if the Company is is Financially in a strong position to justify the credit.

Oceanserve S.A. de C.V. will make a report, in the language of your Preference (English and Spanish) along with all the details observed during the Audit. All of our reports will include all the photographic evidence and corresponding documentation. All the information mentioned in our reports is completely confidential for all of our clients.

Oceanserve S.A. de C.V. is a serious company and would like to build on our principles of quality, honesty and loyalty. It is our aim to provide the best service to our customers in all the different areas of the inspection services, that we carry out.

Physical Inventories

Realizamos un inventario físico para verificar que la compañía cuente con la cantidad, y el producto indicado en los títulos de crédito. Durante este inventario también verificamos que se cumplan las normas establecidas en el contrato entre ambas partes. Verificamos que se cumpla con buena condicione de almacenaje, seguridad y limpieza, verificamos que el producto... Read more »

Inspections of the Companies

Se realiza una inspección de toda la compañía, verificando, las capacidades de producción, almacenaje, ventas y el nivel de crecimiento. Durante esta inspección calificamos los procesos que se realizan por parte del cliente y determinamos si la compañía es confiable físicamente, para ejercer un crédito.