Shipping companies

Oceanserve S.A. de C.V. Represent Shipping Linesa to carry out the Inspection of Vessels and Cargoes and Containers.

Oceanserve S.A. de C.V. Our reports are in English and Spanish which include all that has been observed during the survey, supervision and investigation. Our reports also contain all photografic evidence along with all corresponding documents. All information mentioned in our reports is totally confidential for our clients.

Oceanserve S.A. de C.V. Is a serious company and our principals are based on Quality, Honesty and Loyalty to our clientss. All of these qualities mentioned are used to give our clients a better service.


Oceanserve S.A. de C.V. Represent the Shipping Lines with the inspections of their Vessels..


Inspection/supervision of goods, involved in accidents during theirtransportation by Ship, Rail and Route. The goods can also be inspected in warehouses own by the importer, Port warehouses and bonded warehouses, with the container being present or without the container due that the container has been discharged.

Accidents to Containers

Oceanserve S.A. de C.V. assist Shipping Lines in the case of accidents on the highways in Mexico, helping the driver and carrying out a physical inspection of the damage container and its cargo. Also assisting the Shipping Line with the discharge of the damaged container and the loading of a second container or the discharging of the... Read more »