Insurance Companies:

Inspection Heavy Lift Cargo and the prevention of accidents

Oceanserve S.A. de C.V. inspect all types of Heavy Lift Cargo from all different types of Industries such as; the Production of Electricity, Construction Industria, Metal and Automobile Industry, etc. These equipments are supervised by our surveyor team during the discharge or loading of the cargo from the Vessel, Train or Tractor Trailer/Lowboy. During the inspection we supervise the loading or discharging of the equipment being loading or discharged correctly during the operation, without causing damage to the equipment anf following the corresponding standards or loading or diacharged plans as especified by our client, in reference to securing, positioning and established angles, etc. All of this to include the verifying of all the equipment used for the loading/discharge (Cranes, Slings, Steel Chains, Steel Cables, Shackles, lowboys and platforms, etc.) and that will be used during he transportation.

During our inspection, we verify the serial númbers  of the equipment mentioned such as; turbines, generators, modules, transformers, forging press, machinery, engines, propellers, tanks, etc. All  of these must be carefully supervise to insure that the equipment has no damaged  from origin to the final project site.

Also part of our survey is the inspection of all the other equipment used with the Heavy Equipment, such as; cables, bolts, pipes, control panels, monitor, etc. In general we supervise all the units/cases  and make shore that all the equipment has arrived from the origin and to their final destination, complete and in a good condition.

Transporte Terrestre

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Transporte Ferrioviario

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