Oceanserve S.A de C.V. is a Mexico City based surveying Company, which was formed in 1995 to offer Technical Assistance to the World of Shipping and Commerce in Mexico.

Our main clients are the following:

International Banks

International Insurance Companies

International Steel Traders and Producers

International Food Commodity Traders

International Container Shipping Lines

P&I Clubs in Mexico that represent Ship Owners and Charterers Gard of Norway

International Transport Heavy Lift (Truck and Rail)


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Audits and inspections


  • Audit of sugar bags in sugar mill or warehouses
  • Audit of cargo in bulk or bags/cases, etc on a wide range of products in warehouses
  • Audit in refrigerated warehouses of perishable products


  • Physical Condition of Plants and Warehouses
  • Analysis and certification general products for their distribution and/or exportation
  • In depth revision of the general condition of the Vessel (Physical and Mechanical), for its optimal function

Insurance Companies

Inspection, investigation and supervision


  • Inspection of steel products
  • Inspection of heavy lift cargo during the discharge and loading onto “lowboys”
  • Inspection of the containers loaded with dry cargo and/or perishable products after being involved in accidents in transit


  • Investigation of robberies of the cargoes/containers and their recovery
  • Accidentes or missing cargo
  • Inspections of the risks in warehouses and plants
  • Damages due to bad weather


  • Supervision of the discharge of the perishable/dry cargoes loaded into the containers found damage or without a seal

Shipping Companies and P&I Club´s

Inspection on behalf of P&I Clubs / Vessels-Containers-Cargoes


  • General inspections of the Vessel
  • General Inspections of the Cargoes


  • Inspection of Dry and Refrigerated Containers
  • Inspection of Shipments with Persihable Products
  • Inspection of Shipments with Dry Cargoes
  • Inspection and supervision of loading/discharge of all dry cargo of Textile Industry, Automotive, Agricultural, Food Department, etc
  • Supervision of the cargo and lashing and securing and securing of the Steel Drums that contain Dangerous Material (PCB´s Chemical´s) in containers